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About the Institution

Sypres Public High School is founded in 2000 A.D. was overtaken by Himalayan Education Village foundation (HEAVEN) in 2006 A.D. with prophesied objectives, employing VOCADEMIC system of education for the first time in Nepal. It is only the properly designed and well crafted institution that can meet the ever emerging quest of education providing immense scope for the students to lead an illustrious, self-dependent and evocative life. Managed by a devoted organization to Education, consists a fanatical, artistic, resourceful and competent group of individuals with long standing booming career testimony in multi pitches. Sypres presents synergy for individual lineation to accomplish the goal of life. As the school is obsessed by professionals and academicians, the school is concerned in imparting the students with a proper blend of practical and field based know of the subjects.

Education System

Sypres Public High School proudly employs the VOCADEMIC system of Education. The term 'VOCADEMIC' is a blending form of 'Vocational' and 'Academic'. This is a new scheme of education in the world and is the scholarly asset, envisaged by HEAVEN in Nepal. HEAVEN believes, this system of education is exact to the time and must of the nation. HEAVEN feels that this is the education waited by the guardian of the developing countries in the world, especially in South Asia, that can be a searing cake. In this system of education individual rational recreation is recognized and education to congregate the same- both theoretically and vocationally, the individuals are steered. This helps the students to be enthusiastic, creative, innovative, and inventive to develop the dedication and determination to reach the destination.


Located at new colony, Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Sypres has set and pursued its mission as "Education for self-dependence". With this haughty mission Sypres is solely staunched to develop disciplined, receptive, inspired, output oriented, self-dependent and academically resonant, and professionally dexterous alumni in diversified Being the leading officialdom in the edification zone  it can contribute the nation by providing the needy manpower, which can hastily lend a hand to the nation economically sustain. Besides, it contributes the government to decipher the unemployment predicament. In the milieu of this apparent vision and determination Sypres is working vigorously so as to renovate itself as a pride of the nation, with its affiliation to the other developing countries as International Mission of Education.


Besides working to convene the requirements and anticipation of the students of contemporary world, Sypres deems professional brilliance. Sypres is not simply consigned to formal learn but also about personal escalation and expansion. In precise, Sypres is dyed-in-the-wool to endow with qualitative Vocademic milieu for eminence education of international plane, conducive and stimulating school life, enthusiastic academic climate, excellent explore and maturity. Along with these, Sypres emphasises on –

Fostering and tenderly honing the potentials of students by providing exact academic milieu and vocational exercises.
Creating self-motivated and achievement-motivated students by initiating handwork and operate independently.
Providing professional education with a blend of theoretical and field-based practical framework and high-ranking teaching pedagogies.
Serving to venture development of the nation by producing and providing achievement oriented, creative - both vocationally and academically profound.
Socially responsible and professional human capital required by the country.
Developing Sypres as a foundation for the Vocademic system of education.
Developing Sypres as a centre that acts as a chain agent to implant knowledge and skills to convene the impending challenges in future.
Working intimately with national and international agencies to capacitate and enhance the capabilities in order to actualize the purpose of existence.

Key Features

Sypres offers a wide-range of useful and demanding Vocademic programs through its attachment to Education Ministry and CTEVT. "Education for self-dependence" as the core mantra, Sypres is proud to present the following-

Student-centred and field based Teaching Learning System (TLS).
Total Quality Control (TQC) – promised by the professionals dedicated in pedagogical sector.
First time in the world, first in Nepal and first chosen school for Vocademic system of Education.
Introduction of specialization courses driven by the national needs.
Education system as expected by the guardian, need of the generation and demand of the time.
Modern pedagogical kits, seminar, workshop, guest lecture, field trip and excursion, industrial orientation and visits.
Empowering the students from all perspective for self-dependence.
Cadre of qualified, experienced and nationally exposed faculty members.
Evaluation system based on socio-behavioural factors, content based factors and practical level of skills.
Spacious classrooms, well-equipped science and computer laboratories, a library furnished with materials requisite and archaeological and cultural museum.
Digitalized office management system.
Various scholarships and awards to meritorious and outstanding students.
Field based pedagogy system.
ECA including international standard outdoor games facilities.
Affordable fees structure, a conducive atmosphere and a congenial culture of openness, mutual trust, self-motivation and quality education for overall development.

Future Academic Plan

Sypres Public High School is an organization under its umbrella organization HEAVEN. Thus, Sypres merges to HEAVEN as a Vocademic institution for the first time in the world from the same place called as "Education Village Park". The program begins with the standard V level students to Master Degree, all residential. Within the same village, there will be international level football and cricket stadium, covered hall for all sport items, gymnasium and athletics. There will be accommodation for farming, agricultural engineering and nursing practises. Botanical garden, first time lucrative park called as Love Zone, mini zoo, herbal garden, paraglide training field, archaeological and cultural museum, within the same compound are some of the fascinating features of HEAVEN. There will be separate practice rooms for automobiles, electrical and electronics, sculpturing, knitting and stitching. As there is trend of Nepalese students to go to the foreign institutions, HEAVEN opines ambitiously to lure the foreign students to Nepal. To produce the skill and competent human resources as demanded by the nation, it is prepared to launch new and need-based qualitative Vocademic programs.

From the very beginning it establishes a Research and Development wing as an integral part of HEAVEN. It will mainly provide required supports to students doing research as part of their curricula. Finally, the HEAVEN continuously strives for collaboration with recognized international Vocademic institutions to bring in useful programs both for the country and the people of Nepal.

Management Restructuring

Started in the year 2000 with the launching of lower secondary and secondary level of education and with a number of academic programs under the affiliation of HMG Board of Nepal, it was handed over to an inspiring energetic, lucrative pedagogical team in the year 2006. The new team under the umbrella organization HEAVEN, includes those personalities who have been accredited commendable services and successes in their respective fields.

After this new arrangement, the Sypres management has made provision of two major committees to run the academic programs meaningfully.

A.    Sypres Management and Development Committee
B.    Sypres Executive Committee
C.     Sypres Advisory Committee

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