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Located at new colony, Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Sypres has set and pursued its mission as "Education for self-dependence". With this haughty mission Sypres is solely staunched to develop disciplined, receptive, inspired, output oriented, self-dependent and academically resonant, and professionally dexterous alumni in diversified Being the leading officialdom in the edification zoneĀ  it can contribute the nation by providing the needy manpower, which can hastily lend a hand to the nation economically sustain. Besides, it contributes the government to decipher the unemployment predicament. In the milieu of this apparent vision and determination Sypres is working vigorously so as to renovate itself as a pride of the nation, with its affiliation to the other developing countries as International Mission of Education.

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Contact Information

Sypres Public School

Nilopul, Sukedhara
Kathmandu, Nepal

Call us : 977 1 4376335

Email Id :info@sypres.edu.np