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Sypres Public High School is founded in 2000 A.D. was overtaken by Himalayan Education Village foundation (HEAVEN) in 2006 A.D. with prophesied objectives, employing VOCADEMIC system of education for the first time in Nepal. It is only the properly designed and well crafted institution that can meet the ever emerging quest of education providing immense scope for the students to lead an illustrious, self-dependent and evocative life. Managed by a devoted organization to Education, consists a fanatical, artistic, resourceful and competent group of individuals with long standing booming career testimony in multi pitches. Sypres presents synergy for individual lineation to accomplish the goal of life. As the school is obsessed by professionals and academicians, the school is concerned in imparting the students with a proper blend of practical and field based know of the subjects.

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Sypres Public School

Nilopul, Sukedhara
Kathmandu, Nepal

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